Critical Review and Scientific Editing

Native English Critical Review and Scientific Editing

To be effective and well-received, scientific documents and articles always need to be written and presented in a manner that is clear, logical, to-the-point, convincing and easy to read. 

Our critical review and scientific editing services are based on our professional skills in English language communication, a strong scientific background, experience in strategic analysis, and extensive expertise in the drafting, review and editing of scientific documents and manuscripts.

We can help you optimise the impact of your scientific documents by providing the following English language services:

  • Critical review and feedback
  • Strategic analysis (identification of potential weaknesses/advice on how to remedy them)
  • Substantive editing (consistency, flow, clarity, tone of voice)

Our services cover: journal articles, scientific reports, strategic documentation, forward plans, scientific books, scientific papers, reviews, technical documentation and publicity material.


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