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Whitehorne Scientific Consulting is a Australian based agency (Directors – Fire Sanders and Willem Bouma), offering professional consulting and advisory services to researchers, universities, and research institutes both in the Netherlands and Europe.

One of our specialties is ERC research grant proposals. We provide strategic support and advice during both the prepatory and writing phases for ERC Starting, ERC Consolidator and ERC Advanced proposals.

We also provide high-quality professional (local and long distance) ERC Starting and ERC Consolidator interview coaching and training.

A hallmark of our services is that all work is undertaken by Fire Sanders and Willem Bouma. We send no work out to other consultants or third parties for review. Therefore, you will always receive personalized, professional support from experienced Senior Consultants.

Fire Sanders – Director

‘In everything that I do, I am always asking myself: can I communicate this in a clearer, more convincing way. And then I go and do it.’ Fire Sanders

Dutch-Australian Fire Sanders, is an experienced consultant and strategist with a keen eye for powerful, clear and consistent communication.

Willem Bouma – Director

‘Always interested, always curious, I love challenges and I thrive on finding great innovative solutions – whatever the problem may be.’ Willem Bouma

Dutch-Australian Willem Bouma is a trained scientist, who moved into science communication, strategic planning and management early in his career.

Please note that this site (whitehorne.wordpress.com) is more specifically dedicated to our ERC Research Grant support services.
For our full range of services, please visit our main website at http://www.whitehornescientific.com.

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