ERC Consolidator Interview Preparation – how prepared are you?

From our experience, ERC Consolidator interviews are becoming more and more competitive, with the standard rising.

When preparing for your upcoming ERC Consolidator interview:

  • Make sure your presentation and the way in which you answer questions is directed at a broad panel. You need to make sure than both experts and non-experts understand what you present and what you say.
  • Do not assume that everyone on the panel will have read your proposal.
  • Remember that your presentation is for a research grant, it is not a lecture.
  • Prepare for all possible (potential) questions and know how you would answer them.
  • Practice, practice and practice. When we support applicants, we require them to have at least 8-10 practice sessions both within and outside of their faculty/institute.

For anyone who would like to know more about our ERC Interview preparation services (both for local and long distance applicants), please refer to:

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