ERC Grant Applications: Make sure you choose the right Evaluation Panel

When preparing an ERC Starting, ERC Consolidator or ERC Advanced grant application, make sure you first have a clear idea of which ERC Evaluation Panel you will submit you proposal to.

There are 10 panels for Physical Sciences and Engineering, 9 panels for Life Sciences and 6 panels for Social Sciences and Humanities.

Choosing the right evaluation panel will not just affect how you write the proposal, it may also impact on how it is judged, as each panel has its own scientific focus.

Pitching your proposal to the ‘wrong’ panel may negatively affect your evaluation, simply because your scientific concept and your scientific approach will then be assessed against a set of competing proposals where your proposal may seem ‘out of step’, and because your international standing and achievements as a researcher will be considered against the achievements of peers that may not actually be your peers.

For a full list of ERC Panels and Panel descriptors, go to:

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