If you are the Coordinating Principal Investigator for a large multi-PI research grant application, you need a well-considered and strategic approach for how you will interact with your collaborators to bring all the required information together.

Here are nine simple rules for interacting with your collaborators:

  1. Use clearly defined and carefully worded messages for all your communication with your fellow PIs.
  2. Tell your collaborators of what your approach will be, and what requests they can expect from you during the drafting process.
  3. Make each request for input or information, personal, targeted and specific.
  4. Specify the nature, detail, style and length (in words or pages) of the partner input that you require.
  5. Set a clear deadline for every request.
  6. Create a master-plan for how you will process the partner input.
  7. Be very specific about what you require your partner PIs to do when seeking feedback, comment or input on your drafts.
  8. Distribute short sections of the proposal with specific ‘actions required’ instructions, as this is more likely to get a good response than circulating the full document.
  9. Don’t forget to get sign-off on the final document from everyone on completion!



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