When preparing a research grant application, your very first priority should be making an assessment whether you’ve selected the right grant. This match-up will help you optimize your chances of success.

For individual grant applications, such as NWO Veni, Vidi, Vici, or ERC Starting, Consolidator and Advanced: (1) ensure that your research skills, experience and achievements line up with the requirements for applicants, and (2) check that your research proposal topic and concepts meet all the required attributes specified in the call for applications.

For multi-PI applications, such as FP7 collaborative proposals, Marie Curie ITN or ERC Synergy grants: (1) check that the research proposal and the planned activities, interactions and outcomes are an optimal fit with the call for applications, (2) ensure that each of the participating PIs has the right scientific stature and experience, (3) assess whether the combined PI team has the right mix of skills and expertise, and (4) take stock of all prior collaborative interactions of the applicants as a way of being able to demonstrate the viability of the proposed working arrangements.

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